Monday, December 19, 2005

The Saurav affair, as I understand it

Its not just about cricket, is it? I agree that I have been late on the boat (not missed), but from what I have followed about this issue (during my vacation), I can't see the cricketing reason behind it.

And when More said, while dropping SG from the 15, that 'we decided not to include him since he would not figure out in playing 11' (or something to that effect), wasn't he simply implying that there is more to it than just a question of batting or bowling or fielding potential/skill ?

What further strengthens my believe that its not about cricket, and hence no point debating the cricketing logic behind all this is this:

1) Even if we agree that Yuvraj performed better than SG in Delhi (which is debatable, but still lets assume he did) that does not merit dropping SG from the 15

2) It is was done to avoid humiliation of SG, then please someone inform us whether SG was actually asked whether he would like to sit out of playing XI or out of 15 altogether?

3) Why is Kaif playing ahead of him, if it was Yuv who edged him out? And what if Laxman had pulled out on match morning due to a sore back or fever or something? I believe Jaffer would have played in the middle order? When did he surpass SG in the pecking order?

4) Why is Jaffer in the XI if he is not going to play? If its for 'getting the feel' of the dressing room..then he knows all about it, having been there twice. If its about putting pressure on GG, how does that help? If its about trying him as an option, then do that in the match, if its about watching him in the nets...then no need to get him in the 15. And btw, what happened to Jadhav? I know Jaffer did well in domestic matches recently, but then why was Jadhav chosen for Zim tour if he would never be tried? Is it just a matter of runs in the last 2 Ranji/Duleep matches?

And in passing, was SG chosen as an allrounder, as More commented at that time? If so, how come he is replaced by Yuvraj in the XI and Jaffer in the 15? Or, for that matter, if ZK was to feel aggrieved about losing his spot to SG, then should he feel that Jaffer has been perceived as a better bowler than him!!!!?

Questions..questions...lots of them. What I simply know is that...whether rightly or wrongly so, its not about cricket alone.