Thursday, March 31, 2005

so when is Dada leaving ??

...hopefully, not anytime soon !.....I know Gang's batting has been bad for a while in tests...and even i thought that he is not deserving a place in current test side purely on form...but then this way we wud be constantly shuffling people...maybe couple more test series to judge whether this is temporary loss or permanent...and he has been batting all right in ODIs...

His last notable (not great..but just notable !) knock was in first test against aus...made 45..batting good....then he and sehwag threw away the wkt and we lost the match....some of the matches india has lost have been clear throwing away of wickets of the in-match-form players !!..he also made 57 and 40 against SA...its not as if he's been dealing in 'trinary' figures for too long...just not enough centuries

And the stupid thing with this Indian media reports is that they manipulate one data to suit multiple if we are talking about an ODI series....they mention ganguly's loss or form in tests as a reason for why he should be sacked !!! each time we choose ODI team and Laxman is missing....they report that he is 'dropped' !!!!...when he wasnt there in last ODI India played, then how the hell can you call it 'dropped'....same with Karthik..."why is he not being persisted with in ODIs when he made runs in test???"....arrey bhai...there was someone else chosen for ODIs....(Dhoni)...he also needs 'persistence' :-))....

..Similar is with this Ganguly and 'not making runs' thing...."Ganguly hasnt made runs since Dec 2003 knock against Aussies (it sounds like 2 years back but isnt!!!...and in cricketing terms..its only ONE year back because of long break Indian team had) are some interesting facts...
  1. He played another 73 run innings in same Aus tour in Melbourne 2nd innings (only he and dravid made runs in that innings!!!)..
  2. He has played only 18 innings since then (or 16 if u remove 2 innings against BDesh)...agreed no centuries but with a few fifties... here is how he scored in those innings
  3. is another 'next to bradman only' batsman in his last 24 innings.. just compare to see who is worse...And of course no one is talking about 'removing' this batsman from the team !
I hope most of the viewers, readers supporters of Indian cricket see sense in this...and see things in right perspective....although I am not sure...

update... more comment on the way media handles this....they keep on commenting on how bad Ganguly has been with the bat (despite what I wrote above)...keep on building the the common person just keeps on reading more and more criticism without realising that there is hardly been any cricket played between the last two articles so its basically repetition !!!

..and another despicable aspect of these reports is the total lack of accountability of the if one is criticising Ganguly, he would continue saying how totally useless as a batsman he is, and its time for him to quit, and counter it with 'he should go if he doesnt score runs....if he doesnt take inspirations from the likes of Younis Khan !!!!'....typical 'saving the back' statement. So unsure are they of the lack of form of Ganguly, that no chances are to be taken ! What if he scores tomorrow :-) ?


Blogger Gana said...

To be fair..Australia alomost dropped Matty Hayden for NZ !

April 03, 2005 12:38 AM  
Blogger worma said...

Yes I know, but what was it all about, I dont know ! Because he still did not make runs on NZ tests, and is still there for Ashes (supposedly the most important series for Aussies). So, that is the kind of faith Ganguly should be shown, isn't it ?

April 06, 2005 10:38 AM  

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