Sunday, August 21, 2005

Pot, Kettle, black..etc. etc.

Waqar Younis says: but the cricketers must realise that once he has done the part and is no longer good enough, he must give the youngsters a chance. and also But I don't see this happening in the Indian side, they have scored 10,000 runs but is it good enough?

Now, let me dig into archives and try to search something important. Hold on, you'll know when I get it.

Oh ok, I'm trying to find out if Waqar has actually retired. No, seriously...I dont joke ! I remember the PCB actually hosting an 'honour' ceremony last year(?) for him and Wasim. Just to give them, you know, a gentle reminder that they are, from now on, being officially considered as 'retired'. Being tired of waiting for the announcement which Wasim grudgingly did post the WC04 fiasco, and Waqar openly denied considering.

What more can I comment on this.

Maybe he is the Kapil Dev of Pakistan ?


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