Monday, April 10, 2006

Go Bangla!

413/6 at lunch day 2, opening test of a series against Australia. Name a country that wouldn't take it with both hands, any time, any place. And then, we can still only begin to imagine, not feel, what a Bangaldeshi fan would be feeling today. Is it a wonder, then, that the morning headline (as cricinfo reports) in Dhaka read 'better than imagination'! It's the cricketing equivalent of being happy enough to die next day, with no regrets. The test series check-list is already tick-marked for the Bangladeshis. For them, from now on, whatever happens in the series is either a bonus, or it doesn't matter.

The response in the Aussie press is 'measured', so far atleast. But do keep an eye on this one, along with the actual match scorecard. If the trend continues, there's all likelihood of more words being said.

Update : Aussies, playing 5 specialist bowlers after a long long time, are already 40 odd for 3 down at tea. This is very exciting indeed.

Update 2: It just keeps getting better and better - now 100/6 and only Gillie remains. But its not 'yet' over...for this Bangladesh attack is probably the only one today not capable of exploiting Gilchrist's current weakness, plus they face the traditional Gilchrist-ic pitfall of relaxing after getting the top-order and not foreseeing the onslaught till its too late. And today, he has Lee and Gillespie for stubborn company. So...still holding onto my horses..although it can yet be over in another ball!


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