Monday, April 10, 2006

Aussie are the best...err...hold on...

The Aussie team bagged USD 250k for their top test ranking, and another 250k for the ODI. This just ahead of the first day of what may well be remembered in their history as the 'Mayhem Test' if the early indicators come to fruition. Maybe the ICC should have waited a little longer ;-)

But jokes apart, Shaun Pollock, after having faced the Aussies in two successive series, feels that they've sufficiently recovered from the Ashes debacle, and are back in business. Also that England's encouraging performance in India wouldn't mean much when they go visiting down under.

But surely, the Aussie performance in Bangaldesh would have an impact - its just left to see how big a hole have they dug. Gillie can get them out in no time, and, in the process, do his own form (and the Aussie team) an added favour before the Ashes - since he was anyway going to be their default keeper, good form or not. Also, I wonder how Aussie selectors would keep denying McGill a permanent berth despite his coming good at every single opportunity. I've never seen a bigger victim of circumstances in cricket.


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