Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pathan and Indian ratings

In the Indian rise in the ODI ratings (team and individual) most heartening is the presence of a non-spinner in the top bowler ratings - with Pathan at number 4. This also goes against the traditional rant of 'ohh we're doing well because of home conditions' since a pace-bowler has been leading our revival.

And ofcourse, not to speak of the extreme joy one gets in having an Indian in the top allrounder category - again Pathan at 3. With the way he is playing, I wouldn't be surprised to see him go past Flintoff as well, if not actually top the chart.

With our next two test series outside the subcontinent, there is a strong possiblity of him repeating these feats in the test arena as well.

Not to say that Dhoni's rise is not welcome...but it was more of a given, the way he's been batting. But for him, its better to watch out a few series outside the home conditions. Although, I personally believe that he would do well. But anyway, we'll soon find out.


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