Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Trescothick's interview

For all the eyebrows being raised over the recent Trescothick interview revealing the 'personal reasons' for this early departure from India to be some kind of virus/flu, I am happy that Derek Pringle has taken up the obvious oddity in the whole explanation
After years of near-constant cricket, his claim of exhaustion would be credible but appears contradictory. Only two months earlier, Trescothick chose to stay on tour in Pakistan despite his father-in-law suffering a near-fatal fall. There was also a seven-week break between the two winter tours, a bigger gap than usual.
I don't have an extraordinary urge to delve any deeper into his personal life to pry out the actual reasons, whatever they are, but it would have perhaps been nicer had he left the whole issue to just die its natural death. What was the urging need to come out with an explanation at all, when at the time of his departure the team management had asked the media to respect his privacy (and in fact, got surprisingly positive response from them).


Anonymous Not Just Cricket said...

I agree. he has just invited a sh*t load of ridicule in the manner he has conducted himself.
Trescothick just had the virals!! Gimme a break.

~ R J

April 11, 2006 7:41 PM  

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