Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Aussie's claw back

Right as I predicted (feared?) yesterday, Adam Gilchrist ran riot for Aussies, and Bangladesh had little clue. Despite playing only 6 specialist batsmen (including Gillie) Aussies managed to make 180 runs for last 4 wkts with Gillespie having a 70 run partnership (that man is a test allrounder, if one thinks about the 'time' he consumes at the crease).

And also, as I further feared, this match is now looking more like Australia's than BDesh's - with 'only' a 150 run deficit, and with a likelihood of a poor BD showing in second innings, the Aussies can be facing up a 300-ish chase instead of a nearly-impossible 400+ on day4/5. Ahh anyway, its good while it lasts..so lets follow the match.


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