Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sunny days no more?

PCB is angry with Sunny bhai, apparently because he is biased towards Srinath (and/or against PCB and Pak appointed members, Pak players and other miscellaneous biases). The gist of their complaints, as I understand it, are that he rejected the application of Pak nominations for ICC referee posts, and appointed Srinath instead. And they want Sunny out, to be replaced by Majid Khan instead. Right, so if Majid appointed one of the Pak nominees instead of Srinath for the post of referee, that would have been any different from bias in what sense? PCB should, instead of a direct blame game, try to show how or why do they feel Sunny's action are a matter of bias, and not a genuine case of appointing the best/better candidate (which I personally don't know which one them is)

Also somewhere there is the allegation of Srinath being the one of the members on the panel to review and uphold the ban against Shabbir. Once again, instead of producing such allegation, without building a base, they could do well to show a deeper reasoning why that decision of ICC was biased/wrong. For example, did they get Shoaib cleared from any independent sources (that univ in Australia??), did they get the weightage of *neutral* expert opinion on their side (e.g. someone like Holding, Lillee, Tyson etc?) and finally, are they implying that the other members of that review panel were in favour of Shabbir and only Sri against?

Ofcourse I personally can't care less whether that panel is headed by Sunny or Majid or anyone long as he can take some sensible decisions. And keep SuperSub kind of horrors away from us.


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