Wednesday, April 19, 2006

You have the right to not remain silent..

Looks like the Aussie's are ahead of their times in exploiting ICC rules as well. According to this article, ICC's general manager Dave Richardson has written a report, to be presented before the ICC; concerning the wider use of replays in making umpiring decisions, as well as permitting captains/coaches to 'challenge' umpires' decisions, and ask for a replay ruling. And the best part, it could be tried as soon as the Champions Trophy in India later this year. Good for the captains, now they have a legal clause for protest. Not that Ponting needed it anyway.

Meanwhile, Sunny defends Ponting's behaviour thus
"I don't think there is any problem with Ricky at all," Gavaskar, the chairman of the ICC's cricket committee, told The Age. "What happened on the first day was just one of those things. We have to remember - and I am not making excuses - that the Australians have had a long season and they have travelled a bit.
Right, apparently if you make the excuse while stating "I'm not making an excuse" it's good enough to transform it into a valid reason! Very rich, Sunny bhai..can you please go on that long vacation now. Please?


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