Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Early updates

A few days after Ponting declared that their Ashes preparation were on track, England were facing the usual injury issues. Simon Jones botched up his return. Once again. And James Anderson barely passed the first comeback milestone (playing in India) before breaking down again. Giles, Harmison and Vaughan are already on the list. So if Indians got a B squad, the Lankans have good chances of facing the 'next level' of English bench.

And meanwhile, back to that Warne speculation....for now, he repeats, 'he won't'. Despite his seemingly clear denial, I would still not close this issue. For, you see, there is this statement embedded in the same denial
"If Ricky said to me at some stage 'look we really need you', then I would think about it, but I don't think it would ever come to that. The team has done really well without me and I will be barracking for them in the World Cup, but not playing for them."
And we know that the Aussie selectors are worried about their ODI bowling attack, despite the fairly good season (not by their own high standards though) that the Aussie ODI team has had. This season has seen their bowling attack struggle to contain opposition live never before, and especially so in good batting conditions (which are a norm these days, in most parts of the world). I still feel they would need Warne and, more importantly, they would *know* they need him, if they want to defend that Cup.


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