Tuesday, July 19, 2005

On Hold

Blogging on hold. I refuse to invent so called 'stories' around Indian cricket in the off season. I think our mainstream media is anyway doing more (much much more) than enough in that field !

And the lack of cricket has made me wait eagerly for what should normally turn out to be a very ordinary ODI tournament in SL. What with the predictability of SL games, the weak WI team etc. Still the new players in Indian team should do enough to retain interest. Also the first chance to look at the methods of Chappel.

Now time's coming to hunt for live feeds etc :-)

Update : And since everyone remotely associated with cricket in India has to go through the 'About Sachin' exam, let me state, for the sake of records : No he is not at his best. Yes he is still good, great, not best, not GOD. Yes he can still become best, maybe. And NO I don't get into Sachin debates anymore ;-)


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