Monday, May 30, 2005

Pakistan captain !

So, even while the 'neutral' world was praising Younish Khan as a captain, a welcome step forward from the laid-back style of Inzy (who supposedly isn't bad himself, a judgement I dont believe in), the management has gone ahead and did a...well....Pakistan-isque move. Argument, pushing, favours, too-big-for-shoes (read too small for stars to handle his captaincy) etc etc. Read more here at rediff.

To me this seems like a simple case of senior players not accepting captain's authority ! If captain decided Afridi has to open, or Razzaq doesn't have to bowl last over, then thats it ! And I dont see why Woolmer is not able to solve this basic coaching aspect. That on field, in the middle of a game, captain is the last word. Well, ok, I know its also because the Pak players are a pampered lot. Much more than the Indians. Believe it. For example, Laxman openly says that he wants ODI place, or Sehwag that he wants to bat lower in tests. But when time comes to perform, they dont push Ganguly saying 'give us what we want' :-)

I'm just wondering that all this when Shoaib wasn't even there. He might have raised his captaincy pitch again !!