Monday, May 15, 2006

Inzamam happy with the new rule

For the supposed criticality of this ruling for the players, its really surprising that they're the ones least being heard of on the subject. Everyone, from umpires to administrators to officials to ex-player turned critics have spoken about it, but the ones most affected by it are yet to be heard. Inzamam is the first one to have officially spoken on it and, understandably, appreciated the move.

There's still time before the rule is ratified by the ICC and is tried on the field in October - and I would expect it to get strong support by the player community, although there would be some obvious apprehensions about the implementation of the rule (e.g. I hope the ICC also keeps in mind how to account for the time spent in such referrals, for a fielding captain may not be happy to have it use his quota)

Update: Javed Miandad is the latest in the list, worrying about the long-term career of the umpires
"The technology is not always correct and there is no relevancy between a umpire taking a decision in a fraction of a second and these later shown in slow motion," he said.
Frankly, I am not sure if he (and some others speaking on the subject) has even bothered to understand the details of the proposed rule i.e. unproven or less accurate technology like hawkeye and snickometer would not be used). He does go on to say that the players should have been consulted (even now there is time, before the CT) to which I agree. The ICC implemented the supersubs in haste, and resulted in missing out an obvious flaw (that the implementation favours the captain winning the toss) that could easily have been caught and removed had they consulted the players.


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