Friday, May 12, 2006

England vs SLanka

Never judge a pitch (or even a test match) by first innings of team batting first, so they say. I do believe in it, but still, when it's a hit-and-miss batting team like England, who are notorious for routinely ending their innings short of expected target, batting at 400/4 with KP in the mood and Freddie in the queue, then I have to think its a flat-bed out there. And that SL are in deep trouble, despite the pitch. The poor batting display in warm-up games, plus the prospect of facing two of the top pace bowlers in the world, and add to it the pressure of chasing a huge first innings score (which England are surely going to it, even they can't mess this one, no?) makes me feel they're deep in the hole.

Not watching the action, just relying on live scores and reports....anyone of you out there catching the game? Any thoughts?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lankan batsman are so poor. Without jayasuriya and atapattu this battling line is hardly club standard. It seems as though this team hasn't ever seen a ball swinging. Hoggard bowled 3 balls inswinging to tharanga. So what does he do, shoulder arms to a ball pitching on off stump and swinging in. t'was embarrassing. This is really poor from the lankans.


May 13, 2006 11:37 AM  
Blogger worma said... you would have noticed by now, they did come to terms with the pitch and conditions (which got easier I believe)...even Aravinda was too critical of them earlier :)

I think SL has enough talent, just that not enough training....these are not Zim or BD batsmen...they are much better that way. Sangakkara, although impetous at times, is a very good batsman...and has potential to be much greaters. Jayawarded we all know.

May 15, 2006 10:37 AM  

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