Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Chappell in free time

Greg Chappell is having a nice relaxing time-off - which can only mean some more interviews. On the hot topic of the season, the *burnout* debate, he says players do need sufficient breaks to reflect
There is no doubt, if you try to play 365 days a year, you will run into problems. There is a balance between having a life as well as playing cricket. It is important players have opportunities to reflect.
Which I feel is one of the most important cricketing reason for having proper breaks built into the schedule. Players do need time to reflect on an important series they have played, their own performance, shortcomings, preparations for future.

And this is best exemplified in the Sehwag situation where he is now facing the first serious test, since his great run in international cricket, through technical and mental hurdles. A long enough break to reflect and work on the weaknesses is a perfect solution to his problems. Thankfully, despite the busy schedule, he's got just that before the beginning of the crucial away-tours leg of the season.

Also nice to see Chappell himself pointing out the pitfalls of over-emphasizing on the World Cup buildup, something which he himself confesses being guilty of in recent times. That he goes on, in the same interview, to bring the spotlight back again on the Cup is another matter.


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