Tuesday, May 02, 2006

World Cup rants

There's been some criticism of the Asian victory in the World Cup bidding, mostly from the ones having lost out. Malcom Gray here talks of the *dangers* behind the Asians dominating the game.
After Australasia lobbied to host the 1992 event, it was decided the staging rights would be rotated between the five cricketing regions. "This unfortunately has broken that and for the sake of the game I think it would be better if it did go around in order," Gray admitted. Sharad Pawar, the BCCI chief, has said that he believes every third tournament should be held on the subcontinent.
What I don't understand is the actual basis for criticising the BCCI assertion that every 3rd world cup should come to subcontinent. The *five region* formula, whenever it was agreed upon, was based on the realities and compulsions of those times. The 'one in three' is based on todays' reality. And that is, that ODI cricket in general, and World Cup in particular, are a grand money-making opportunity. And no matter what they say, even the Aussie and English board have this outlook towards the limited version of the game. So, if we all agree on this part, then isn't it fair that all member countries get equal chance at making their share of money?

If we stick to the old 'five region' formula, that means the 4 countries in the subcontinent get a chance once in 20 years(or alternatively each country in 80 years!!), and the money they make has to be shared between the four countries. While Aussies, English, WI and SA board get a chance every 20 years, and they make the full money out of it. And we don't even need to bring out the fact about subcontinent being the major revenue generator in cricket to see the inequality of the above deal.

Sure Aussies and NZ, although making combined bids, are also entitled to equal rights, and should be worthy of twice the chances as, lets say, England. So, if the whole bidding process is really getting political, and with all those allegations of lobbying and 'using the power of programming' etc, the best way out is to make the whole thing cyclical, IMO. Let the hosting rights be rotated between each of the ten test playing nations in sequence, and leave it upon them to decide who they want it to combine with.


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