Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Killing that goose. And asking not to squeal.

More on a thread I touched a while earlier...the 15 tests and 30 ODIs quota that ICC has fixed for each country and to which BCCI says
"Fifteen Tests and 30 one dayers makes just 105 days. And for any professional, is there any profession that you play 105 days in a year?" said I S Bindra, former BCCI President.
Let's first get the maths right. Each ODI has atleast one day of travel and another day of preparation involved while a test has 3 days in total lead time (sometimes more and sometimes less, so such an seems reasonable). That means an additional 105 days in lead-up and preparation etc when the *human* body of the players is not actually getting a real rest. That is a total of 210 days of active travel, preparation, actual playing time and the likes!!!! That is also, incidentally, atleast 210 days out of 365 when the player is away from home, family and generally relaxing atmosphere. Add to it the camps, lead-time to a series, comeptitions like Challenger and other domestic matches and you reach the 300 limit easily in the year. Now, Mr Bindra, does it make sense?

Heck, even the not so physically tiring desk job mandates that many leaves per year (just count the paid vacations, Sundays and other national/local holidays you get, in your job, per year). But hush...who's to tell *them* how to do their job....that's interference in *board's policies*


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