Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lets ask him?

Jayawardene was in the middle of the biggest rescue act of his life, with SL following on from their fist innings and chasing the huge English score, when he was given caught behind on a catch for which he later said
"I don't have to see the replays - I knew - but as a cricketer you have to take those things with your head high.

"It's just disappointing because we were in a good position to bat through the day," he told BBC Radio Five Live.
And, what's more, keeper Jones spoke thus of the same catch
"You get a feeling the gloves are nearby the area so when you take a catch you have to politely ask," he told Five Live.
Right to appeal, shall we? What say now Harsha, Ian and all those *defenders*? With the match itself so delicately balanced, all SL need is to bat out another hour tomorrow morning and England would start losing hope, would one still say 'it all evens out in the end'?

Anyway, the match itself has gone from hopelessly one sided to excitingly poised going into final morning, where forecasts of rain would make England fret all the more. But, one has to say, they've managed to make another test match exciting...that is one thing we can almost always be sure of, from this English side....that there are no boring games...not even the wins.

Kumar Sangakkara, at the end of first innings, had earlier said something to the effect that SL would need a miracle to get out of this one. It seems test cricket has more than it's fair share of miracles, then.


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