Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The build-up

So India is starting a new season. And lots of interestig developments to look upto, if you're an Indian cricket fan. The biggest is "life with Chappel". How the team grows comfortable with the new coach, and what are the distinct Chappel trademarks that we get to see in the coming season.

The SL trieseries is the first peep into the working methods of Chappel, and how they translate on the field. India has played a practise match, and are scheduled to play one more today (btw when was the last time we saw India play 5 practise matches before starting their season ! Remember the teams played together 3 times at home during the end of camp. Surely better than having lazy net sessions!)

Some early indications, as Prem Panicker also pointed out, are VVS being made to open, Pathan being brought as first change bowler, and possible use of 5 bowlers in the team (with Pathan and JP Yadav bringing in additional batting strength). From Dileep's article (in mid-day) it was also known that flexibility is the main idea Chappel is preaching. And rightly so. One of the main weaknesses that I noticed in the Indian (ODI) setup in the past couple of seasons was that the team took the field with the pre-conceived notions. There has to be dashers in the beginning. Yuv and Kaif are for rescue act only. We need 4 bowlers only, part-timers are always good as fifth bowler. Keeper needs to be good enough as a standalone batsman. 3 pacers most of the time..etc.etc. I hope Chappel is bringing flexibility in all these aspects.

But as of now, lets wait and watch for his methods to take root. It wont happen over the period of one series. Just like Woolmer's method are slowly showing effect in Pak (ahh but there, across the border, all changes are reversible :-) ) And thankfully the legacy left behind by Wright is so much better than what most other Indian coaches had to inherit (Ajit Wadekar was the only one in recent memory who inherited a good team viz. a Sachin Tendulkar in full flow..almost as good as a decent team..winning matches single handedly. And also making Azhar's captaincy record look much better than reality). 30th July is the starting point. I would hold my breath for this one. I genuinely believe Chappel would work wonders for our team.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just one comment about the inflexibility. I think the inflexibility brought by ganguly to play 3 seamers will benefit us in the long run. India has got to realise to win we need a couple of 90mph bowlers.

July 27, 2005 11:28 AM  
Blogger worma said...

Anon, I dont disagree with ANY of the policies brought in by Ganguly, and surely they won us a lot of matches (we reached number 2 position because of these!). Its only that I had a feeling there was a certain 'fixation' to it in the team think-group. Sometimes the need of the day was playing 2 spinners (if they are better than your out-of-form or injured seamer). Just like sometimes there is a need to play 5 regular bowlers, because sometimes the extra bowler (just like the 7th batsman in the alternate team) can turn the match for you.

So, its mainly the open-mindedness to weigh all the options and choose the best, that I was referring to. And btw, my personal opinion - having Dravid keep wkts for us was the biggest stroke of genius that Ganguly/Wright conjured up. It, in-fact, showed certain amount of 'flexibility' in thinking when the norm was to have a 'regular' keeper. But towards the later years this stroke of brilliance, developed through the spirit of ingeunity, became a 'set-formula'. We need more of that sort of creative thinking, and its here that I hope Chappel brings in fresher ideas, maybe a new direction of thinking.

July 27, 2005 11:37 AM  

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